TOP 10 Traffic Sources in November, 2016

Hello there! It’s new month = new stats!

I use several methods to track stats and find out which traffic sources are the best (at least for me and programs I do promote). The best option is trackers. I know two of them which works the best. They are TRCK.ME and AFFILIATE TOOLBOX.

So… here it is!


My TOP 10 Traffic Sources in November:


TOP 5 Traffic Exchanges:

  1. Almighty Traffic Exchange – Daily Surf Rewards
  2. I-PRO-X – Viral Traffic Games, Zubees, iCoins, Daily Surf Codes, TOP Promoters Contest, Icon Game
  3. Excellence In Traffic – Viral Traffic Games
  4. You 2 Surf – Viral Traffic Games, Zubees, Weekly Jackpot, Surfing Hands Game, Top Promoters contest, Weekly Raffle
  5. Advertising Maximizer – CTP Badges, CTP XP, Zubees, HOT Bucks, Viral Traffic Games, Team Surfing, TOP Promoters Contest


TOP 5 Mailers/Safelists:

  1. Classic Solo Mailer – CTR 6%, Free Solo Ad Monthly
  2. List Bonus – CTR 4%
  3. Amazing Mailer – CTR 4%
  4. Mountain High Mailer – CTR 3%, Viral Traffic Games
  5. Advance Safelist – CTR 3%, CTP Badges


New TOP 10 for December will be published on or after January 1, 2017.

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